BEST FUEL Alkylate Petrol 2-Stroke

2-Stroke Alkylate petrol has been used for many years as an environmental – and health-friendly fuel for a variety of applications such as, chain saws, trimmers and other small machines.

Best Fuel 2-stroke is an environmental and health adapted Alkylate petrol, replacing conventional gasoline where there are higher requirements for the environment, health and reliability. Ready mixed for all land-based air and water-cooled 2-stroke engines such as chainsaws, trimmers, snowblowers, snowmobiles and scooters. Best Fuels Alkylate meets the criteria of Swedish Standard SS155461.

Our two-stroke oil has been developed over the years in-house and together with leading suppliers of additives. Non-toxic, partially biodegradable and free from solvents, which is very unusual for this type of Two-stroke oil. Formulated for all land-based two-stroke engines, hot and cold with minimal odor and smoke. It offers the best possible lubrication of heavily loaded 2-stroke engines and keeps the engine clean from combustion residues and deposits. Exceeds the requirements of ISO-L-EGD / JASO FD and API TC.


About 10 of the least harmful hydrocarbons from crude oil (Alkanes/parrafines).

Less than 1,0 % aromatic hydrocarbons (SS155461).

Storage stable for more than 2 years.

Reduction of PAHs with up to 90% in a two-stroke engine.

Lower vapor pressure, which reduces exposure to gasoline fumes

Less irritating odour.

Less than 1,0% Olefines.

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BEST FUEL Alkylate Petrol 2-Stroke

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