Our Environment!

LEFAB is a production company that develops, refines and fills chemicals of various kinds, particularly flammable chemicals. It is our goal to pursue active and effective work with the Health, Environment and Safety. Comply with applicable laws on chemicals management, work environment and other conditions for the handling of flammable products.

We have been working with environmentally friendly chemicals for a long time, especially fuels of different kinds. It is normal for us to always think the best thing for the environment, replacing additives and surfactants to more environmentally friendly to the extent we can. At the same time, we also want to provide suggestions and influence our suppliers so that together we will be a milestone for the environment and future generations . Think Active.. Think Green!


Best Fuel  and Lefab strives to continually improve the management of their products. And to work within the laws and requirements that demanded. Ensure that our health and our environment is protected in the best way. This is through continuing education and commitment of its employees and management. Recycling is a priority to reduce waste.

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Objective: To increase awareness and understanding to pursue an active and profitable environmental work that leads to sustainable development, seen from an environmental perspective. Anyone who wants to have laid the foundation to move on and become certified to ISO 14001 or EMAS.